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Learn the 8 things to eat to lose weight & reduce menopause symptoms

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Lower inflammation in your body, so it can release fat.

Reduce hot flashes, mood swings, achiness and brain fog & feel more like yourself again.

Reduce your appetite and your food cravings.

This is the missing link you need for weight loss in menopause.

You have unique needs in menopause.

You need a weight loss & wellness program designed just for you.

What's inside the Blueprint?

  • 8 things you need to eat to lose weight and reduce your symptoms & why they're important.
  • The #1 thing you should reduce in your diet that will have a big impact on weight loss and symptoms.
  • A list of foods to eat that reduce hot flashes & inflammation.

​​Cindy Topel, Certified Weight Loss & Mindset Coach and Owner of Rethink Weight Loss

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